The CADMIC Group

Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Integrated Circuits

Professor Jens Bornemann

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Victoria


Due to my upcoming retirement, I will be unable to accept any new graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or research associates. Please contact other professors in your anticipated research areas. Their subjects and contact information can be found on our web page, together with information concerning graduate programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


The CADMIC group focuses on the computer-aided analysis and design of front-end systems and components for wireless/RF/microwave/millimeter-wave communications and radio astronomy. The performance prediction of these systems require rigorous field-theory-based algorithms, which have to be both accurate and flexible. This is a result of the ever increasing capability specifications of modern telecommunication and radio astronomy equipment and the development of new technologies employing ever smaller systems, denser packaging and increasing levels of integration. Since many components have to be designed by optimization, one of the group's goals is to develop fast initial design procedures and related guidelines.

Current research projects focus on:

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