Kin Fun LI, PhD, MBA, PEng, SMIEEE

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director, Professional Programs (Telecommunications and Information Security)

Vice Chair, IEEE Victoria Section

(updated: Monday, March 11, 2019 14:57 )

Office: Engineering Office Wing 409; Office Hours: appointment by email

Telephone: +1-250-721-8683; email: kinli(AT)uvic(DOT)ca

Current/Recent Lectures

Spring 2019:

ECE 590 Directed Study: FPGA-based Object Detection for Computer Vision

ECE 590 Directed Study: FPGA-based Classifier for Computer Vision

ECE 590 Directed Study: Artificial Intelligence Hardware for Internet of Things

ECE 590 Directed Study: Sensing Technologies in Telemedicine

ECE 590 Directed Study: Social Media Mining, Techniques, Challenges, and Applications

ECE 597 MTIS Capstone Project

Courses Taught: CENG/ELEC/SENG Design Project (check out the Robot Pet:; ENGR 120 Design and Communication II (check out first-year engieering robot competition:; ENGR 330 Professional Career Planning and Engineering Leadership; CENG 255 Introduction to Computer Architecture; CENG 355 Microprocessor Systems; CENG 356 Engineering System Software; CENG 420 Artificial Intelligence; CENG 450 Computer Systems and Architecture; CENG 455 Real Time Computer Systems Design Project; CENG 460 Computer Communication Systems; CENG/ELEC 499A Mobile Robot Design Competition; SENG 380 Applied Cost Engineering; SENG 440/540 Embedded Systems; ELEC 563 Advanced Computer Architecture; ELEC 590 Information Retrieval on the Web; ELEC 590 Data Mining and Application; ELEC 592 Career development; ELEC 699 Web and Business Intelligence

Research Interests: embedded systems, hardware accelerator, data mining and analytics; web mining and search engines, business intelligence

Research Publications

Current Call for Papers:

Professional Activities:

University of Victoria, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Master of Engineering in Telecommunications and Information Security (MTIS)