Warren Little
EOW 443

Calandar Description

Introduction to microprocessor architecture. Instruction sets, addressing modes,
and programming. Memories, I/O systems, and interfacing. Developmental systems.
Application to engineering systems. Prerequisites CENG 290 and CSC 230.

Reference Material

CENG 355 Course Readings available from bookstore.
CENG 355 Lab Manual available from bookstore.
M68HC11 Reference Manual. Motorola Semiconductors. Available in the lab.
Motorola 68000 and Motorola 68HC11 data available at motorola.com.


Tue, Wed and Fri 10:30 in COR A120.


Two labs to be done during four 3 hour lab sessions.

LF01 M 11:30-2:20 ELW B328
LF02 M 11:30-2:20 ELW B328
LF03 R 2:30-5:20 ELW B328
LF04 R 2:30-5:20 ELW B328
LF05 T 2:00-5:00 ELW B328
LF06 T 2:00-5:00 ELW B328
LF07 F 2:00 -5:00 ELW B328


Final exam     50%
Term test #1, Tue Oct 1     15%
Term test #2, Tue Nov 5     15%
Labs     20%

Percentage marks will be converted to letter grades as follows:

90 2 A+ 2 100
85 2 A < 90
80 2 A- < 85
75 2 B+ < 80
70 2 B < 75
65 2 B- < 70
60 2 C+ < 65
55 2 C < 60
50 2 D < 55
35 2 E < 50 Fail, conditional supplemental.
F < 35 Fail, no supplemental

N Fail, did not write examination or
otherwise complete course requirements
by the end of the term or session; no
supplemental exam.

Posting of Grades

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will no longer post grades. Students may access their grades via the Interactive Voice System by phonng 721-2255 or via the Internet at web.uvic.ca/reco/.

Guidelines on Religious Observances

1. Where classes or examinations are scheduled on the holy days of a religion, students may notify their instructors, at least two weeks in advance, of their intention to observe the holy day(s) by absenting themselves from classes or examinations.

2. Instructors will provide reasonable opportunities for such students to make up work or missed examinations.

3. Students will cooperate by accepting the provision of reasonable opportunities for making up work or missed examinations.

4. The University Secretary's Office will distribute a multi-faith calendar to each academic unit annually.

Posting of Grades

The practice developed for posting grades after the introduction of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation has been changed.  All four B.C. universities have agreed to post grades by using the full student number, sorted numerically.

Two important provisos are that the students' names are stripped and that students are given the option at the beginning of the course to not have their grades posted.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

The University of Victoria is committed to promoting, providing and protecting a positive, and supportive and safe learning and working environment for all its members.

Professional Behaviour

You are advised to read the Faculty of Engineering document Standards for Professional Behaviour (http://www.engr.uvic.ca/policy/professional-behaviour.html) which contains important information regarding conduct in courses, in labs and in the general use of facilities.