Tutorial Presented at ISCAS 2007
Design of Digital Filters Satisfying Prescribed Specifications
A. Antoniou

  • Abstract

    In a typical digital-filter or DSP class, students are asked to design a digital filter of a specified type and fixed order. The design may or may not be satisfactory for any application but almost always in industry, the best design is required that would satisfy certain desired specifications which are usually predefined on the basis of system considerations. Unfortunately, more often than not the topic of designing the best filter for the application is not treated in the classroom. In this tutorial, design methodologies are described that would yield FIR and IIR filters that would satisfy prescribed specifications. Two types of designs will be explored. Closed-form methods based on some classical techniques and iterative methods based on optimization. The tutorial is based on Dr. Antoniou’s past teaching experience and research results such as the design of FIR filters using an enhanced weighted-Chebyshev method and the design of optimal Elliptic IIR digital filters.

    The material is taken from Dr. Antoniou’s recent book Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems, and Filters.

  • Introduction
    Provides an overview of the tutorial.

  • Part 1: FIR Filters, Window Method
    Deals with the design of FIR (nonrecursive) filters based on Kaiser's window method,

  • Part 2: FIR Filters, Weighted-Chebyshev Method
    Describes an accelerated weighted-Chebyshev method for the design of FIR filters.

  • Part 3: IIR Filters, Bilinear Transformation Method
    Describes a method for the design of lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, Butterworth, Chebyshev, inverse-Chebyshev, and Elliptic IIR (recursive) filters.

  • Part 4: IIR Filters, Optimization Approach
    Provides an introduction to the design of IIR filters by using optimization.

  • Note: Many more DSP presentations can be downloaded from the website of Digital Signal Precessing: Signals, Systems, and Filters

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