Daler N. Rakhmatov, Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria

Portable Platforms for Telecommunication, Security, and Biomedical Applications

Our research tackles technical challenges associated with improving energy efficiency and reusability of battery-powered system-on-chip portable platforms. Improving energy efficiency of portable platforms increases their operational sustainability, while improving their reusability increases their cost-effectiveness. Improving energy efficiency, however, inevitably worsens reusability and vice versa. To effectively address such a conflict, we take an application-centric approach, providing for high energy efficiency through sufficient application-driven platform specialization, while supporting needed reusability through sufficient application-aware platform flexibility. We pursue the following three lines of inquiry:
  • Energy-efficient programmable architectures for the application domains of short-range wireless communication, attack-resistant asymmetric cryptography, and biomedical ultrasound imaging, with the goal to enable flexible and efficient application execution;

  • Robust analytical models of nonlinear dynamics of the platform energy supply and demand, with the goal to enable model-predictive automatic optimization of the platform operation during application execution;

  • Low-complexity optimization algorithms that automatically determine the optimal or near-optimal settings for programmable platform parameters per given application requirements, with the goal to maximize platform performance (subject to battery-imposed energy constraints) or minimize energy consumption (subject to application-imposed performance constraints) during application execution.

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