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  • Dataflow computing for SHA-3 hashing and AES algorithm
  • Design space exploration for distance calculation for data mining and machine learning
  • Design space exploration for finite field arithmetic for GF(2m), GF(3m) and GF(p)
  • Rule refinement for context-aware complex event processing
  • Software-defined radar for very high resolution target detection and immunity to jamming
  • Free-space optical/RF communication system analysis

CURRENT RESEARCH GROUP (* = co-supervised)

PhD Students

MASC Students

MENG Students

1. A. Alakari* 1. F. Alharbi 1. N.J. Patel
2. B. Alhazmi 2. T. Alzahrani
3. U. Alsairie 3. A. Boharba
4. A. Alzahrani 4. M. Bouidani
5. D. Ellaithy 5. R. Rahman
6. I. Hazmi 6. H. Sharma
7. S. Kadhum 7. K. Shwiegi
8. A. Kanan
9. M. Sharma
10. A. Youssef*
11. M. Mandour