ECE 515
Information Theory


Dr. T. Aaron Gulliver
Office: EOW 325
Tel: 721-6028
Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-14:30 EOW 430


Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 MAC A144
Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 MAC A144
Friday 11:30 - 12:20 MAC A144

Note to Students

Students who have issues with the conduct of the course should first discuss them with the instructor. If these discussions do not resolve the issue, students should feel free to contact the Chair of the Department by email or the Assistant to the Chair to set up an appointment.

Course Withdrawal Deadlines

under review: Withdrawal with 100% reduction of tuition fees
under review: Withdrawal with 50% reduction of tuition fees
under review: Last day for withdrawal without penalty of failure (no fees returned)

Accommodation of Religious Observance

Policy on Inclusivity and Diversity

Academic Calendar:

Standards of Professional Behaviour

You are advised to read the Faculty of Engineering document Standards for Professional Behaviour, which contains important information regarding conduct in courses, labs, and in the general use of facilities.
Cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic fraud are taken very seriously by both the University and the Department. You should consult the entry in the current Graduate Calendar for the UVic policy on academic integrity.


This course aims to provide equal opportunities and access for all students to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the class and its curriculum and to meet the syllabus requirements. Reasonable and appropriate accommodation will be made available to students with documented disabilities (physical, mental, learning) in order to give them the opportunity to successfully meet the essential requirements of the course. The accommodation will not alter academic standards or learning outcomes, although the student may be allowed to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a different way. It is not necessary for you to reveal your disability and/or confidential medical information to the course instructor. If you believe that you may require accommodation, the course instructor can provide you with information about confidential resources on campus that can assist you in arranging for appropriate accommodation. Alternatively, you may want to contact the Centre for Accessible Learning located in the Campus Services Building The University of Victoria is committed to promoting, providing, and protecting a positive, and supportive and safe learning and working environment for all its members.

Course Materials

All course materials supplied to students are intended for use in this course only. These materials are NOT to be re-circulated digitally, whether by email or by uploading or copying to websites, or to others not enrolled in this course. Violation of this policy may in some cases constitute a breach of academic integrity as defined in the UVic Calendar.

Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response at Uvic

UVic takes sexualized violence seriously, and has raised the bar for what is considered acceptable behaviour. We encourage students to learn more about how the university defines sexualized violence and its overall approach by visiting If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexualized violence and needs information, advice, and/or support, please contact the sexualized violence resource office in Equity and Human Rights (EQHR). Whether or not you have been directly impacted, if you want to take part in the important prevention work taking place on campus, you can also reach out:
Where: Sexualized violence resource office in EQHR; Sedgewick C119
Phone: 250.721.8021

Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson is an independent and impartial resource to assist with the fair resolution of student issues. A confidential consultation can help you understand your rights and responsibilities. The Ombudsperson can also clarify information, help navigate procedures, assist with problem-solving, facilitate communication, provide feedback on an appeal, investigate and make recommendations.
Where: Student Union Building, Room B 205
Phone: 250-721-8357

Aaron Gulliver