Daler N. Rakhmatov, Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
Students   Program   General Topic

Derrell D'Souza   MASc   Stratified-Medium Sound Speed Profiling for CPWC Ultrasound Imaging
Dmitrii Govor   MEng   Frequency-Domain Data Processing for Echocardiography Applications
Shravanthi Musti   MEng   Low-Cost Machine Learning for Ultrasound Image Reconstruction
Jude Onyia   MEng   Low-Cost Machine Learning for Ultrasound Image Reconstruction

Alumni   Degree   Report/Thesis/Dissertation

Ji Shi   MASc   Fixed-Point Hardware Design for CPWC Image Reconstruction
Houssem Marzougui   MASc   Efficient Sensor Array Subsampling for Plane-Wave Ultrasound Imaging
Sai Konda   MEng   Frequency Domain Beamforming in Acoustical Radiation Force Impulse Imaging
Haroon Ali Akbar   MASc   Efficient Similarity-Driven Emission Angle Selection for Coherent Plane-Wave Compounding
Mohammed Albulayli   PhD   Migration-Based Image Reconstruction Methods for Plane-Wave Ultrasound Imaging
Hichem Rehouma   MASc   Efficient Two-Pass Beamforming Applied to Ultrasound Imaging
Erning Zhao   MEng   Executable Battery Model in SystemC
Yuchen Wang   MEng   Evaluation of Fixed-Point Soft-Decision Viterbi Decoding for Computationally Efficient OFDM-Based WLAN Receiver
Mohammed Albulayli   MASc   Evaluation of GSC-Based and ASSB-Based Beamforming Methods Applied to Ultrasound Imaging
Hamad Alrimeih   PhD   Fast and Flexible Hardware Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography over Multiple Standard Prime Fields
Amro Altamimi   MASc   Design of a Fixed-Point Polar Receiver for OFDM-Based Wireless LAN (co-supervisor: Dr. M. McGuire, ECE)
Solmaz Khezerloo   MASc   Gradient-Driven and Reduced-Rate Beamforming for Biomedical Ultrasound
Maryam Mizani   MASc   Multiclock Pipeline Architecture for the IEEE 802.11a Baseband Transceiver
Kendall Ananyi   MASc   Design of a Reconfigurable Processor for Elliptic Curve Cryptography over NIST Prime Fields

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