Engineering Entrepreneurship@UVic

Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship@UVic will work on an accelerated schedule earning their Masters of Applied Science degree while also completing their Business Diploma.

Engineering Entrepreneurship@UVic spans a total of five semesters. All required engineering and business course work is completed during the first two semesters. During the second semester the team also works closely with Wesley Clover to select a project that will become the basis of their Masters thesis and, at the end of the fifth semester, the possibility of a new company. Semesters 3, 4 and 5 involve intense completion of the technical basics, laying the foundations of the technology that will become the core of the new company. As this technology is to be motivated by the market, this will involve extensive interactions with customers and Wesley Clover. During the fifth semester the team will also write and defend a Masters thesis. Upon completion, the student team, advisors, Wesley Clover, and the Foundation make a decision hopefully to incorporate the new company with the students as co-owners.

One of the key factors for successful launch of a new company is the connection to customers and market channels to those customers. Therefore, the subject matter will be focused primarily on software targeting broadband, enterprise, and mobile applications - areas for which Wesley Clover's broad network of companies and affiliates can be of strongest value.

Estimated Timeline
Semester Month Activity
First September First Academic Term
October Project Discussion
December Final Exams
Second January Second Academic Term
Project Option Evaluation
Team Selection
March Project Selection
April Final Exams
Third May Project Work Begins:
  • Technical Innovation
  • Business Planning
  • Customer Interaction
August Project Review
Fourth September
December Project Review
Fifth January Begin Thesis
March Project Review
April Thesis Defense & Graduation
May Incorporation & Launch
(if successful)
First Semester Courses (Sample)
Course Subject
MBA561 Entrepreneurial Planning and Finance
MBA562 New Venture Marketing
MBA563 Entrepreneurial Strategy
CSC 571 Advanced Databases *
ELEC 565 Digital Integrated Circuits *

Second Semester Courses (Sample)
Course Subject
ELEC590 Electrical Engineering Directed Studies
MBA560 Managing Legal Risks
MBA590 Business Directed Studies
CSC578B Topics in Software Applications
SENG474 Data Mining *

* - elective