Will, first year EEMP:

"The introduction to business thought and practices in the three entrepreneurial classes was great. We got to interact with people who thought differently than us and that helped us to learn to think differently. It was a little disappointing to discover that there really was no magic pill that they could give us to be great at business. However, I think we received many tools to be better prepared to start learning about creating businesses."

Logan, first year EEMP:

"The classes took me out of the crowd of engineers that I understood and placed me in a foreign land. I have friends and colleagues that worked and studied in business, but I was still out of my element when placed in a business classroom. I guess that working and studying directly with someone forms a much more intimate relationship than one forged from casual conversations such as from the hallways of my former workplaces. The result of this intimate relationship is a better understanding of the way of thinking and speaking that businessmen (and women) use. Being able to relate to others, regardless of professional discipline, will be an invaluable skill in starting this company."

Jeff, first year EEMP:

"...I certainly felt a bit out of my element in the MBA classes. The environment was very different from what I have gotten used to in my engineering courses. They are highly 'class discussion' oriented and I was a bit surprised to find that I tended to learn more from my peers in the class than I did from the professor. The projects were quite useful and it was nice that they built up upon each other, but I got frustrated by the huge overlap and outright copy and pasting that was needed between reports for the same class and for other classes."

Torben, first year EEMP:

"(Engineering Entrepreneurship@UVic) is a great way to become a well-rounded engineer. It has challenged me to improve in areas outside my comfort zone and allowed me to excel in those areas. The business aspect of the program is an example of one such area where I had little to no experience, but was challenged to succeed at. I believe that having an exposure to such a diverse set of skills will prove to be invaluable in my future career."

A message from the director

EEMP 2009 picture


"To me, the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program is about achieving a goal that I have had my entire life. It has been quite refreshing to be able to step back from the highly technical course load I am used to, and to broaden my experiences by taking various courses offered by other faculties. I feel that I will come out of this program better equipped to enter into the work force as a skilled and motivated entrepreneur. Wesley Clover is a great resource and has some amazing people who have provided us with great feedback and guidance. I have no doubt that by the end of this program, we will incorporate. If you want to get the education, without jumping back into the regular engineering work load and to do something independent and potentially more lucrative than working for someone else, then this program is definitely for you."


"The involvement and participation in the Entrepreneurship@UVic program has been an eye-opening and incredible learning experience.  The opportunities and professional networks available through interactions with UVic, the Alacrity Foundation, BCIC, and Wesley Clover are endless, providing an excellent foundation to launch and grow a successful venture.  The invaluable tools and skills learnt throughout the program will prove to be very important in pursuing upcoming opportunities and ventures.  Furthermore, the exposure to such a diverse group of people and skill sets will further increase and enhance my expertise going forward as both an engineer and an entrepreneur."


"Entrepreneurship @ UVIC has fully engaged us within the British Columbia entrepreneurial community. We regularly interact with experienced professionals who are eager to offer guidance, mentorship and introductions. We also receive equal support from all program administrators, affiliates and students. I feel very confident as we approach our company launch knowing that our team extends much further than our group of three."

EEMP 2010 picture


"The Entrepreneurship@UVic program is a great opportunity for anyone with a strong desire to co-found their own high tech business. The team I was placed in put me in an environment with other highly motivated students like myself, and gave us an opportunity to take classes together to improve our skills and gel as a team before we began our business development. The importance of being able to do this can't be understated. The industry exposure and mentors available to us are also of the highest calibre and I have no doubts in my mind that this was the right opportunity for me, and will result in the growth of a successful business and the growth ourselves personally."


"This program has given us a great opportunity to build a great team and create a new venture in the best possible conditions. Our mentors and their industry networks have been invaluable in finding opportunities and the right direction for our business, and I know that we will continue to use these connections to our advantage. Taking classes and doing exploratory research as part of the Entrepreneurship@UVic program has also been an ideal way to work together, familiarize ourselves with the program and learn the ropes of business and entrepreneurship before jumping into building a new business. I've learned a lot since starting the program, and feel that I'm significantly more prepared both to build a successful business with my team, and in the future as an entrepreneur."


"Some like to take baby steps or not take any steps at all. Others like to aim high, work hard, and build big while interacting with a visionary team and experienced advisors that constantly and mutually exchange motivation, knowledge and sense of humour. I like to be part of the latter group. Actually, I have been part of the latter group since I joined Entrepreneurship@UVic. You think you know what it means to be a technology entrepreneur? I thought I did as well, until I started this program!"

EEMP 2010 picture