Date Course Notes
Expected Topics to be Covered
Sept. 10
Outline  and  Introduction

Sept. 14/17/21
Queueing theory
Review queueing theory

Assignment 1 
Due on Sept. 28
Sept. 24/28
Channel model
UWB channel model
OFDM channel model
Wireless (packet-level) channel models

Choose your topic and let me approve it, on/before Oct. 1.
Oct. 1/5/8/15
Traffic Characterization
Multimedia traffic models

Assignment 2  Due on Oct. 29
Oct. 19/22
Admission Control

Call admission control
Oct. 26/29
Access control
Access control

Assignment 3

Due on Nov. 12

Email me a 1-page project proposal in plain text or PDF format, on/before Nov. 2.
Nov. 2/5
TCP/IP basics and congestion control
Nov. 9-11

Reading break
Nov. 12/16
TCP/AIMD in wireless Internet

Nov. 12:
Yuanqian Luo: Network coding for relay
Nov. 16:
Siyuan Xiang: Distributed video coding
Ahmed Altamimi: Interleave Division Multiple-Access (IDMA) [PDF]
Nov. 19
TCP-friendly rate control protocol (TFRC) in wireless Internet

Ted Liu: Localization in wireless networks[PDF]
Jun (Vincent) Zhu: Cooperative networks [PDF]
Bojiang Ma: Wireless security
Nov. 23
Wireless access Wireless multiple access techniques and performance study

Weixiao Li: Wireless ad hoc networks [PDF]
Song Yang: IPTV and VoD [PDF]

Assignment 4

Due on Nov. 30
Nov. 26

Moyuan Chen: Wireless sensor networks [PDF]
Congzhi Liu: Identification algorithm of NLOS [PDF]
Nov. 30


Chenyuan Wang (Jessica): Cognitive radio [PDF]
Zabnan: Wireless local area networks [PDF]

Dec. 3

Aidin Faghfouri: Routing in ad hoc networks
Teng Ge: Wireless Sensor Networks [PDF]
Saamaan Pourtavakoli: Network coding and packet erasure coding [PDF]

Final Exam:
MON DEC. 07, 9:00 am, ECS 130



Submit the completed project report in PDF format, on/before Dec.  18 (Friday) 4pm.